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Paul Sitbon

Paul Sitbon is the president and founder of the « SMART COUNTRIES & CITIES CONGRESS PARIS », under the patronage of French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius and French Minister of Digital Axelle Lemaire.

Paul’s experiences include: 10 years heading Operations with VINCI CONSTRUCTION, world leader in cities construction; 10 years as Head of Operations and Head of Informations Systems with VEOLIA ENVIRONMENT, world leader in city services operations – Energy Management, Transportation (now TRANSDEV), Water http://jump4loves.com/russian-mail-order-bride/ management and Waste management; 6 years with SIKIWIS, leading player in mobile technologies for cities, regions and countries; and 3 years with MCKINSEY&COMPANY, « Counselor to many of the world’s most influential businesses and order essays online uk institutions »

Michel Rousseau

Michel has spent over 30 years in information technology, communication and media. He founded the first federation of RFID, FilRFID which lated evoved into CNRFID. He is currently Chief Editor of Smart-C, the first French-language daily of smart cities.
Michel oversaw the Sicob Congress for 10 years, was the former rector of the University for RFID REED EXPO, and organizer of the STORAGE FORUM data storage conference.

André Jean-Marc Loechel

André was co-director of the action line “access to European cultural heritage and education” of the European Commission (MEDICI initiative, 1998-2001), leader of the European network since 1997 “Digital Cities” and scientific referent of several projects European. It is in 2007 the Scientific Council for “sustainable development charter for business neighborhoods” which will create dynamics leading to the creation of the Foundation of Territories of Tomorrow (www.territoires-de-demain.org). He accompanies, on several continents, local authorities in the field of economics of innovation, creating living laboratories and “French Tech Hubs”. Beyond its recent interventions (Latin American Congress of Cities and Local Authorities in Santiago, Chile, Algiers Arab Forum on Internet Governance, Enterprise Days Digital Abidjan …) included among his recent works “The Digital Cities: Innovation, Intelligent Networks, New Services” (Editions “Best Practices”, Versailles, 2013), as well as “And the world became the laboratory Smart Cities, French Tech and Living Labs.” (Editions Berger Levrault).
Designated as “Grand witness” of regional or departmental programs, it is also audited by local bodies such as the Mission Information and Evaluation of the Council of Paris on the theme “Making in Paris”, but also charge contributions inter-counties projects like the creation of a public broadcasting innovation platform. He is a member of the Scientific Council of the Higher Council for Training and Strategic Research.