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The S3C Start Up Contest will take place on September 2, 2015 at the S3C Paris Congress.
In this competition, 23 startups will present their smart technology solutions.
The winner will be selected by a jury chaired by Stephane Beaudet, President of the Association of Mayors of Ile-de-France and Mayor of Courcouronnes (91), Chief of mayors and heads of member municipalities of the AMIF and three experts of territories technologies Francis Stephan of System X-Michel-Salem Sermanet of Efficacity and finally Hervé Kabla of BeAngels.

The 23 preselected Start Up are:

Amplisens is a start up based in Voisins-le-Bretonneux, founded in late 2009 with virtual reality industry as their focus. Their main product is called the Infinity360 and associated with the virtual reality helmet, provides a complete immersion thanks to the mat for moving in a digital environment.

Ayt tech is a start up B2B recently created in 2014 by M.AYTEKIN based in Mougins.
The company offers to install mobile charging terminal in supermarkets, malls, etc. in order to give the public the opportunity to recharge their devices while generating a new revenue stream for sites installing this unit.

Located in the heart of the science park of Sophia Antipolis, the French startup Beepeers invented a platform to help companies create social mobile apps for smartphones and tablets.

Young Innovative Company, Bubbles company works on the market of smartdevies and more exactly by installing easily movable charging port at merchants shops. Bubble designed, these products will be sure to please users, and consequently, increase the appeal and impact of a trade.

Creative business, everyday objects connected with the focus of health and sport.

Carri Systems have been, for 20 years, a technology architect who has continued to push the boundaries of performance. The company is recognized for its expertise in design and MANUFACTURING BESPOKE. With a single computer to a supercomputing infrastructure, their teams will meet all your needs while taking into account your budget and technical requirements.

Self funded since its birth in 2014, Dataveyes is a company specialized in Man-data interactions.

Specialized in Smart Driving, Drest offers a product called the AKOLYT that allows you to become a “Super Driver”.

Edison Ways realizes the electrical network and third generation of data: the very smart grid!
Young company founded in March 2014, is based in Montauban.
Its main objective is to develop new electrical power distribution systems based on an innovative architecture concept called “Captain®”. This new typology is built around a unified multi-wire network and a set of smart boxes.

Creator of street furniture, Emotion System, member of Advancity competitiveness cluster, have been developping solutions 15 years for the City and for Habitat. French manufacturing of new generation furniture to meet the challenges of mobility, sorting / recycling of waste and accessibility.

Forcity is a start-up founded in Lyon in January 2014 by combining the experience of the partners of the company in the city and Research
ForCity offers businesses and cities support services to help decision on a complex system modeling technology and 3D representation of territories.

Funkadelichik is the first innovative startup that (re) established link between the citizen public entity for 18/35 years through a well-known media and practiced by all: The Video Game!

Gridbee Communications is born from the desire of 6 experts of M2M communication solutions to offer innovative, economical and simple, meeting the technological challenges of industry players and energy.
It designs and develops wireless communication secure solutions for connected objects, dedicated to industrial environments.

Kimind is a service and strategic consulting company founded in 2007 that operates in the field of new collaborative and social Internet technologies with key accounts to SMEs, NGOs and public organizations.

Medaviz is an online medical advice platform.
It connects individual and health professionals, available in real time 7days / 7 in order to obtain personal and reliable medical information.

Motiv’Solutions is a historic player in the field of distribution and integration of innovative solutions in the world of education and enterprise.
Specialist in interactive solutions, Motiv’Solutions identifies the ideal system for you and assists you in setting up and monitoring your new technology solution, as well as in the training of your teams.

The SCALE-1 PORTAL technology can transform a wall or a small room in an immersive open hatch on a virtual world displayed on the scale.
The submerged user carries only simple pair of 3D glasses, and is not isolated from the real world.
It can freely interact with the virtual world using his body as it does in the real, and without sensor.
Involved in a simple and fun interactive sensory experience,
your client is no longer passive but actor of the message. This communication will mark his mind much more than a traditional presentation.


Founded in 2010 by François PRIGENT in Toulouse, SOVINTY® hand Due simple idea: apply to the medical field strong methods and values ​​the aviation sector.
SOVINTY® mission chose to work in the service of human life by joining the medical world.
Its activity is in compliance with strong ethical values ​​such as:
• the primacy of human life
• Conduct a service of medical research and surgical
• listening and consultation with all of the medical profession
• everyone’s involvement in the development of its solutions

Founded in 2013, SoyHuCe wishes to make a fresh look at the innovations of tomorrow’s cities. They develop innovative solutions that puts the user at the heart of the eco-system of the city. Their solutions are adapted to the economic, social and societal issues of today.

URBAN Silence provides expert planning tool for cities, architects and engineers involved in the development or regeneration of urban land.

Zenpark offers shared the first automated parking service in France.
Zenpark enables its customers to access a smart grid shared parking, a convenient and economical solution to park with confidence.
The parking Zenpark network consists of partners (hotels, residential landlords, businesses, parking operators, administrative buildings …) thus optimize the use of their places.
Everything is automated and secure: Zenpark moved to the parking entrance an innovative system that allows members to access Zenpark through their Zenpass or mobile.

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