S3C confirmed as a grand European event on Smart Countries & Cities Technologies


S3C Paris is happy to confirm it relies on a unique set of assets for an exclusive discovery of the cities and territories of tomorrow:

A global participation
Participants from 65 countries and the 5 continents have confirmed their participation. 500 cities will be represented by their Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Governor or Chief of services.

Representatives of the highest level
110 government representatives – ministers and secretaries of state – from 35 countries will attend the event.

The support of innovation
25 European and Asian startups will unveil their innovations before two juries: a first jury comprising a panel of mayors and chaired by the President of the AMIF Mayor Stéphane Beaudet; a second jury, the VCs jury, is composed of VCs from leading investment funds and large smart technologies corporations’ Vice Presidents.

The presence of industry leaders
All major corporations which are active in these technologies, European, American and Asian leaders of technological innovation will be present; the leading edge young innovation actors will also be represented. The presidents of Transdev and Alstom Grid will intervene alongside Madam the Minister of Digital Axelle Lemaire on the afternoon of September 1st.

Several highlights will take place in the course of the event. A joint statement by the attending ministers. Smart city-building simulation workshops. Business networking sessions. The Startup Contest award. Visions of the future by major the world’s high tech leaders.

The involvement of the media
40 TV, radio, press and web medias, business and general public oriented, will cover the event, with live broadcasts scheduled of several general public and economic information focused channels.

The S3C Paris team would like to thank each participant, sponsor and partner for their support and for creating the conditions of a great event on innovative technologies for territories. We will be pleased to meet you on Tuesday, September 1 at 8:30 am to dive into the discovery of the cities of the future.