You will find below the latest news and updates to the 2015 SCC Congress

S3C Paris in pictures

Paul Sitbon – CEO of Sikiwis Axelle Lemaire, Secretary of State in charge of Digital & Paul Sitbon – CEO of Sikiwis Valérie Pécresse, Ex Minister of Budget, Public Accounts and Civil Administration and actual President of the UMP The S3C Team with Valérie Pécresse

High media coverage on the S3C Congress

S3C Paris is happy to report an high media coverage on the Smart City congress. Nationally important media compagnies of press, radio and TV were present to cover the event. You will find below a few articles and broadcastings which were published by those medias. Le Moniteur – 11 September 2015 N°5833 – Category: Enjeux […]

65 nations to share their experiences and perspective

65 nations have now confirmed their participation in S3C Paris. Elected officials and decision makers at the highest level from 65 countries representing the 5 continents will participate in S3C Paris. The countries represented are: Andorra Australia Austria Bahrain Belgium Benin Brazil Bulgaria Burundi Cameroun Canada Cabo Verde Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Estonia France Germany […]

The French Construction Federation (FFB) partners with S3C Paris

The FFB represents 50.000 members including 35.000 small companies. They represent 2 thirds of the €124 billion of annual building production and rely on over 1.000.000 employees. The FFB gathers all sizes of construction companies to efficiently defend the profession’s collective interests. Highly involved in smart cities building, the FFB has entered a partnership with […]

Participants of the S3C Start Up Contest

The S3C Start Up Contest will take place on September 2, 2015 at the S3C Paris Congress. In this competition, 23 startups will present their smart technology solutions. The winner will be selected by a jury chaired by Stephane Beaudet, President of the Association of Mayors of Ile-de-France and Mayor of Courcouronnes (91), Chief of […]

World Bank’s Perspective on Financing

The World Bank will provide insights into how to finance local Governments initiatives and Hi-tech projects in Cities. This presentation will take place on september 1st

« E Puro Si Muove » – « And yet it moves »

June 16, 1633: Galileo was put on trial by the Inquisition. Under threat of torture, he said that “the earth is fixed at the center of the universe”. He had the misfortune to take over and demonstrate the theses defended by Copernicus since 1511 that it is the earth that revolves around the sun and […]