Day 1: Smart Gov, Open Gov, Augmented Territories – The Ministers’ day

Day 2: Technology for Transportation, Energy: COP21 & The Sustainable City

Day 3: Internet of Things, Big Data, Smart Services

S3C PARIS is proud to welcome the world’s highest expertise on Smart Countries and Smart Cities innovation. Be sure to check back this page frequently as we are adding new presenters on a daily basis

Conference Programme


Smart Economy

Digital technologies offer significant opportunities for accelerating economic growth. Discover the levers to increase the impact for all sectors of the economy.

Jobs of Tomorrow

Smart City, Digital Government, Open and Big Data, Creation of jobs oriented towards digital industries in the domestic market and for export. Intelligent governance accelerates the creation of new businesses and industries.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Smart Equipment, connected objects, smart surveillance, interactive signaling, intelligent lighting, smart urban mobility, and all new perspectives to equip your city.

Smart Commerce

There are now multiple ways for developing commerce locally with new generations of applications for the smartphones. The condition is to promote their usage amongst the economic actors and the public

Smart Services

Explore the teeming world of urban interactive services for both public services and private operators. Home delivery services, incident management, digital canteen, booking of and payment for parking, etc.

Smart Operations & Maintenance

Real time location information, response planning, sensors: thechnologies available for operational teams maximize the efficiency of public services

Smart Telcos

Telecommunication networks are multiplying and improving, eg 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, Lifi, explore new technologies and services brought by the operators to accelerate the operation and growth of cities and territories.

Smart Grids

Learn how to intelligently integrate energy networks (electricity, gas, heat), water and incorporate cost renewable energy.

Smart Transportation

See how the traffic management coupled multimodal transport alerts reduces traffic, pollution, travel time. Change the relationships with public and private transport via real-time mobile communication platforms.

Smart Health

Instant emergency response, improved pre-diagnostics reliability, patient data management, improved patient support in Hospitals, patient real-time data transmission, medical big data analysis, productivity support systems for medical teams management, this is a key component of territories’ progress.

Smart Edu

Discover best practices on innovative approaches for easing the access to education and supporting wider distribution of education material.

Smart Security

The analysis of open data to discover the places at risk during the rainy days, historically detect hazardous areas, to improve foot traffic, browse the range of possibilities now offered to better protect your territory and its population.

Smart Arts & Culture

The digital technologies facilitate the dissemination of arts and culture through better information, improving the tourism with monuments and websites for communication, create arts and cultural events where everyone interacts via his mobile, the thousand and one facet of the smart culture.

Mobile Nation

The flash mob of interactive surveys through ticketing, electronic banking, instant translation of restaurant menus, that of administrative services, etc. mobile nation is on. Discover how to integrate and evolve your territorial strategy.

Smart Cities World Tour

Discover the most Advanced experiments conducted in the domain of smart cities. Listen to the testimonies of many municipalities and regions.

Smart Buildings

New approaches allow building highly connected buildings: What are the technologies already available and how to integrate these new features in the urban plan of the city.

Smart Gov

Learn how to develop policies that promote the development of digital technologies in the territories and cities.

Smart Financing

Take an inventory of financing solutions permitting you to invest, equip your city and evolve towards smart city networks without spending a fortune.

Environment & COP21

Innovative technologies for cities and territories provide massive reduction opportunities for carbone emissions in cities. Get an overview of the key technologies which help protect the climate